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Tire Products

Why Cooper Tires

H&H is the exclusive dealer for Cooper Tires in St. Croix

H.H. Tire & Battery has been selling Cooper tires to the people of St. Croix for over 40 years and here’s why:

cooper tire products

More Value for the Money
The biggest secret in the tire business is depth of tread. Some tire companies cut back on tread to save costs. Cooper tire have more tread going around the tire and across the tire, up to 30.3% more than many original tires that come with a new vehicle.

As a company, Cooper has made the decision to continue to make tires that last. That’s why Cooper tires are good value for money. And more drivers are realizing that. You need more strength inside the tire to support the extra tread on top, especially for the challenging road surfaces of the Virgin Islands. Cooper’s stronger construction and tread depth give drivers safer grip, more resistance to punctures and more mileage.

H.H. Recommends Cooper Tires for your vehicle.

1. Cooper Tires are Made to Last
Cooper Tires have two warranties for their tires:

  • • Unique Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty - Warranty against manufacturing faults, for the life of the tread or for 72 months. Adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

2. Cooper Tires have Deeper Treads
Up to 30.3% more overall tread than most original equipment brands and up to 46.3% deeper in the shoulder grooves compared to most original equipment brands. This is possible because of wider and stronger steel belts under the tread. That means more grip, more miles and more resistance to damage.

3. Cooper Tires Stand Up Straighter
By design, Cooper tires stand up straighter to deflect objects and have more grip in adverse conditions. This is unique as other tire brands tend to have a rounder or belly shape in the sidewalls, which allows them to be easily damaged in tough road conditions.

Some other Brands
Most non-American brands of 4x4 tires have a rounder or belly shape in the sidewalls. The disadvantage is that they are more easily damaged in tough road conditions.

4. Cooper Tires have See-through Treads
Cooper tread designs are the most current designs as they have open straight grooves for wet grip and self cleaning.

5. Cooper Tires have tread edges to suit the application
Both ‘round’ and ‘square’ edge treads feature in Cooper’s range of 4WD tires.

  • • ‘Round’ Edge Tread
 - Cooper’s range of highway tires feature round edge treads to reduce tracking on rutted roads and give more even tread wear on the edge of the tire.

  • • ‘Square’ Edge Tread 
- Cooper’s range of off road tires feature square edge treads to bite in and gives better control when turning on dirt and gravel roads.

  • 6. Cooper Tires are Aftermarket Producers

    In tire manufacturing there are two types, original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers. Cooper produce exclusively for the aftermarket so they do not compromise on quality or performance or meet a price or criteria of a vehicle manufacturer, which means you get more for your money.

    7. Cooper Tires have High Quality Inner Liners
    The most important characteristic of a tire is its ability to hold air. Cooper uses high quality inner liners (Halobutyl) combined with the proper liner thickness to give excellent air retention, where others vary the quality and thickness of the compound to reduce cost, sacrificing air retention properties and creating irregular and premature wear.

    Tires For All Vehicles

    Passenger Cars
    Passenger Cars
    Cooper passenger tires are designed for drivers who want optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling. They are available for a diverse range of vehicles including passenger cars, minivans, small sport utility vehicles and crossovers.

    Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s)
    Sport utility tires range from performance tires with the perfect balance of brawn and beauty to touring tires designed to deliver higher levels of wet traction, ride comfort and appearance. Cooper builds tires to improve your sport utility vehicle, crossover and van's performance and looks.

    Light Trucks
    Light Trucks & Vans
    Cooper builds light truck tires for those who want all-season performance to those who demand the utmost in off-road traction. These tires are available for many vehicles including light trucks and vans up to 1 ton.

    Commercial vehicles
    Commercial Vehicles
    Cooper’s Roadmaster commercial truck tires are designed to perform in all applications from long haul highway to demanding off-the-road conditions. Engineered for retreadability, these tires deliver durability and excellent traction to reduce independent truckers and fleet’s operating costs.

    Performance Car Tires
    Cooper performance tires are designed to out perform, providing you with summer and all season grip, handling, wet/dry traction and race inspired tread. Cooper makes performance tires for everything from cars to light trucks to crossovers.


    Tire Care & Safety

    Tire Care
    Proper air pressure is very important for tire life, fuel economy and safety. A tire that is only 25% low (hardly noticeable) can lose one-fifth of its useful life. Additionally, underinflated tires waste gasoline and improper inflation, either way, can lead to poor handling and possible blowouts.

    Keep a good tire pressure gauge in your vehicle and check air pressure regularly. Remember, recommended tire pressures are for cold tires, so it’s best to check the pressure before the car is driven.

    Tire Safety
    For maximum benefit, tires must be maintained properly. The most important factors in tire care are. The most important factors in tire care are:

    1. • Proper inflation pressure,
    2. • Proper vehicle loading,
    3. • Proper tire wear,
    4. • Regular inspection,
    5. • Good driving habits, and Vehicle conditions.